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Integrative Design for Sustainability & Radical Resource Efficiency

Avail this once in a lifetime opportunity to be taught by one of the foremost experts in the world on sustainability, energy efficiency and decarbonization.

04–08 Sep 2023

Timings: 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM
Venue: IC&SR building Indian Institute of Technology, Madras


As India and the world develops policies and action plans to achieve their target nationally determined commitments towards net zero, we bring-in an approach pioneered by Dr Lovins. His efforts has been at the heart of China’s National Development and Reform Commission, of an ambitious efficiency-and-renewables trajectory that informed the 13th Five Year Plan; and in helping the Government of India design transformational mobility; and exploring how to make integrative design the new normal, so investments to energy efficiency can yield increasing rather than diminishing returns.

About the Workshop

This workshop centers around exploring integrative design, a unique approach that focuses on revealing and taking advantage of connections within a system, to achieve maximum benefits in energy and resource efficiency. This approach allows the melding of fewer, simpler technologies in a systematic manner, which in turn increases economic returns rather than diminishing them. Integrative design, with its cutting-edge techniques, principles, and modes of thinking, offers a profound increase in energy and resource efficiency, at lower cost. It produces considerable progress in profitable climate protection, global equity and security, good livelihoods, and health.

Workshop Details

This workshop will investigate integrative design, revealing and exploiting connections between parts of a system to achieve far more than the sum of their individual benefits. To achieve radical energy and resource efficiency, integrative design artfully chooses, combines, sequences, and times fewer, simpler technologies. This achieves far greater savings at lower cost, and creates increasing returns rather than diminishing returns. Integrative design’s techniques, principles, and modes of thinking can offer levels of energy and resource efficiency far greater than generally expected or achieved in the mobility, buildings, industrial, and electricity sectors. Integrative design offers impressive advances in profitable climate protection, global equity and security, good livelihoods, and health.

Outcome of the Workshop

The emphasis of the course will be on real-world implementation of these techniques and their diverse, often disruptive implications. Participants will learn this innovative approach to design through a combination of lectures, workshops, problem-solving sessions, and presentations from Rocky Mountain Institute’s cofounder Amory Lovins. He has  pioneered a unique suite of design techniques and principles that apply whole-systems thinking to achieve extreme—even order-of-magnitude higher—energy and resource efficiency. This approach to optimizing the whole system for multiple benefits, rather than isolated components for single benefits, has yielded enormous energy savings, better performance, and lower capital cost across diverse engineering disciplines and applications.

Modules Covered

The following tentative topic list is subject to change based on the participant profile and interests. The outline broadly touches upon most of our energy consumption sectors and brings out the benefit of whole system thinking as we embark on implementing Energy Efficiency.





Disruptive Energy Futures

Implementation at Scale

Who Should Attend?

Register your interest below. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together. We can’t wait to see the change you’ll inspire.If you’re curious, committed, and driven—this is for you. Whether you’re a lawyer, technocrat, business magnate, or a budding researcher, this journey promises valuable insights that can revolutionize your approach to everyday challenges. You don’t need to be an expert—just someone with a desire to make a difference.

What’s In Store?

Engage in stimulating problem-solving sessions, deep-diving discussions, and hands-on activities. Explore, reflect, and collaborate in an atmosphere buzzing with potential. Powered by the IIT Madras Energy Consortium, our mission is to unite industry, academia, and government forces in addressing India’s monumental decarbonization goals.

Ready for Impact?

As we face global challenges like climate change and energy security, the time to act is now. Equip yourself with tools and insights that can be seamlessly integrated into your professional journey and daily life. Expand your horizons, foster interdisciplinary collaborations, and turn your learning into actionable solutions.

Registration Information

Eager to be part of this groundbreaking experience?

Register your interest below. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together. We can’t wait to see the change you’ll inspire.

Registration Fees*: Rs 25,000/- (plus additional GST applicable)

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*Limited Seats: first come first serve basis

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