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India is making a determined move in the direction of a sustainable energy future. This momentum is expected to increase because of the country’s commitment at COP26 to become net-zero by 2070. The widespread use of renewable energy and the electrification of transportation has been established as vital conducts to a decarbonized India. India is prioritizing green hydrogen as a potential solution for decarbonizing hard-to abate sectors. Hydrogen, as an energy carrier, is becoming increasingly crucial in achieving decarbonization in many industries, including iron and steel, fertilizers, refining, methanol, and maritime shipping, which emit significant amounts of CO2, and carbon-free hydrogen will be critical in enabling deep decarbonization. Hydrogen, along with its derivates such as Ammonia and Methanol are emerging as the options being explored for other high-emitting sectors, such as heavy-duty trucking and aviation, with the potential to be the preferred solution for several applications. India’s distinct advantage in low-cost renewable energy generation makes green hydrogen the most competitive form of hydrogen in the long run. For India, this current impetus surrounding the hydrogen transition fits well within the context of a low carbon economy, energy security, and the larger economic development ambition of the nation. This GIZ funded study allows a major contribution to be made by identifying the existing gaps in the norms, standards, specifications, guidelines and regulations across the Green Hydrogen, Green Ammonia and Green Methanol value chain.


Objectives and Partners: The project will identify and facilitate opportunities for collaboration on Offshore Wind (OFW) development in India in close collaboration with an experienced ...
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Green Fuels Alliance India (GFAI)

Overview Enabled through the Indo- Danish Green Strategic Partnership, GFAI’s primary objective is to foster innovation, collaboration, and partnerships between Danish industries and their counterparts ...
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Study and recommendations for development of internationally compatible green hydrogen standards in India

Partners: Lead faculty PI from IIT Madras:Prof Aravind kumar Chandiran and Prof Rajnish Kumar The project is now complete. India is making a determined move ...
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