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Founding Members

USD 100,000 (₹ 75 lakh) for 3 years

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USD 25,000 (₹ 21 lakh) annually

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influence Research


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    Specific Avenues of Engagement for Partners

    These projects are collaborative research projects, consultancy, industry-academic partnerships.

    COMPANY employees and IITM faculty can be invited by the Other Party for research interaction visits and/or sabbaticals to the research laboratories of the Other Party for detailed discussions. Such visits may range from a few days to a few months. COMPANY employees and IIT faculty can also participate on each other’s committees and Boards.

    Employees of COMPANY can enrol in the various degree programs, such as M. Tech., M.S. and Ph.D., which are offered by the Institute after securing admission through due process into the desired programs.

    IITM and COMPANY personnel can jointly or individually offer short term training programs lasting between one to four weeks to benefit students of IITM as well as the employees of Company on topics of mutual interest.

    COMPANY and IITM may come together to engage in CSR activities as per COMPANY CSR policy. COMPANY may also choose to make grants to support faculty research or to support students on scholarships and fellowships.

    COMPANY may take up space in the IIT Madras Research Park in order to leverage the broader IIT Madras ecosystem and work with the start-up companies collocated in the IITM Incubation Cell.

    This mode of interaction includes recruitment of the graduates of IIT Madras by the COMPANY. Students of IITM can be taken for full time employment or as interns by the COMPANY. This activity shall be facilitated by the Placement Office, IIT Madras.