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The Energy Summit 2023

5th to 8th December 2023

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Key Themes

Energy Efficiency, Energy Management and Modeling, Digital transformation

Carbon Markets, Energy Economics and Climate Finance

Energy Storage, Electrolyzer technology and Green Hydrogen 

Power conversion systems, Microgrids and Power electronics

About the Energy Summit

Following the success of the Energy Summit in 2022, the 3rd Energy Summit and Conference will be conducted showcasing the emerging technologies and enabling dialogues on climate action in India and the world.

This summit will bring together global stakeholders from amongst industry, academia and government, to address critical energy-related issues. This summit will encourage discussion related to 1. International Cooperation 2. Energy Transition 3.Public Awareness and Engagement 4. Networking and Collaboration 5. Resilience and Adaptation 6.Explaining Global Energy Trends 7. Energy Access.

There are several compelling reasons for hosting energy summits

  • Climate Change and Sustainability: In the context of the global climate crisis, this summit will discuss climate change mitigation strategies focusing on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving sustainability goals, which are essential to combating climate change.
  • Energy Security: Energy summit 2023 will allow economies to address energy security concerns, such as ensuring a stable energy supply, diversifying energy sources, and maintaining a balanced energy access.
  • Policy Development: This event will provide a platform for policymakers to discuss and develop energy-related policies. These policies can include strategies for transitioning to clean and sustainable energy sources, energy efficiency, and addressing energy security concerns.
  • Technology and Innovation: This summit will offer a space for showcasing and discussing cutting-edge energy technologies, innovations, and research. This can foster the development and adoption of new technologies, including renewable energy solutions, energy storage, and energy-efficient systems.
  • Investment strategies: Finally, unless there is a strategic focus and committed outlook towards investment, the energy transition cannot be realised.

Join us and participate in fascinating lectures, panel discussions and interactive sessions with fellow researchers from academia and industries all across the globe to combat climate change and a sneak peek into exciting future directions in energy technologies.



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