Office of Industrial Consultancy and Sponsored Research

  • Design & Analysis of Industrial, Bridges & Offshore structures
  • Design & Development of Equipments
  • Failure Analysis
  • Foundation Engineering
  • Maintenance Engineering 
  • Modeling & Simulation Studies
  • Metallurgical & Instrumental Analysis
  • Process & Product Development
  • Software for Industrial Applications
  • Vibration, Acoustics & Seismic Studies

Gopalkrishna Deshpande Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (GDC)

  • Established in 2017
  • Vision is to become a world leader in innovation research.
  • Provides thought leadership and networking drive to aid in building systems and processes that facilitate innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Aims to foster innovation in a way that it permeates activities ranging from teaching to research to product development and policy making.
  • Gives concrete form to groundbreaking solutions that surface from the Institute’s labs, faculty, research scholars, as well as young minds to create economic and social impact on a substantial scale.
  • Bridges gaps between the Institute and the marketplace.

Centre for Technology Transfer

  • IIT Madras has technologies / IPR developed through Research and Development work in the Institute.
  • These are available for commercial exploitation through Technology Transfer, Licensing of IP, Startup/Incubation, taking the idea forward through a commercial stage.

Centre for Innovation

  • India ‘s largest student run innovation lab
  • CFI Open House – flagship event to showcase the recent work and achievements of student innovators
  • Has over 10 specialized clubs – from 3D printing to astronomy
  • Awards & rankings in over 50 national & international competitions

Incubation & Startup Ecosystem

IITM Research Park

  • 70+ R&D Partners
  • 17 R&D Sectors
  • 200+ Incubated Startups
  • 13 Startup Sectors
  • 200+ Lab & Test Facilities
  • 1300+ Patents Filed

Incubation Cell

  • India’s leading Deep-tech Startup hub.
  • 225+ startups
  • 2000 crores+ investments by VCs & angel investors
  • 10,000 crores+ valuation
  • 125+ patents filed
  • 4000+ jobs created


  • Fosters Indian biotech innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Lab, office space & equipment 
  • Product commercialization support

IITM – Rural Technology & Business Incubator

  • Design, pilot and incubate scalable business ventures with a rural focus
  • Education, health, agriculture, financial inclusion, vocational training, micro-enterprise development and technology solutions appropriate to rural needs.