At the Energy Consortium – IIT Madras, we take pride in our cutting-edge facilities tailored to support both our research and training endeavours, as well as our esteemed industrial partners. These facilities stand as pillars of essential infrastructure, seamlessly integrating with the Institute’s globally recognized research and educational initiatives.

Our Research Facilities offer access to state-of-the-art technologies and specialized expertise, empowering our community to pursue ground-breaking research and innovation. They comprise a total of 45 instruments and 15 test rigs, and high-computing facilities in multiple groups and labs. In addition, 15 pilot setups, were built to simulate and achieve the desired target of energy needs at the plant scale. These facilities are helping more than 100 researchers and 45 professors understand, simulate, and develop high end technologies. They also serve as dynamic hubs fostering collaboration across faculties, themes, and disciplines, driving excellence in both research and education.

At the heart of our mission lies the commitment to facilitating world-class research and training experiences, and our facilities play a pivotal role in achieving this objective. Explore our facilities and discover how we’re shaping the future of energy research and education.

Advanced Gas Turbine Engine Technologies, H2/ H2-HC blend/ SAF combustion, Next-gen Thermal Management, Advanced Fluid Based Heat Exchangers, Seals and Rotor Dynamics, Hybrid Electric Components

Li-S battery, Cathode Material, Polysulfide Shuttling, Separator layer, Hole-Transporting Material, Perovskite Solar Cell

Solar water splitting, metal-air batteries, electric vehicles, solar energy conversion, halide perovskites

Gas Hydrates, Carbon Capture and Sequestration, CO2 Utilisation

Microgrid operation, micro-hydel, low speed wind power, waste-to-power, microgas turbine for microgrids, thermal storage, Redox Flow batteries, PV for microgrids

Renewable Energy, Solar energy, Wind energy, Battery storage, Grid Storage, Sustainable Energy, 100% RE

Life cycle assessment of Energy Systems, Road map for technology development

Life cycle assessment of Energy Systems, Road map for technology development