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The Energy Consortium was founded in Dec 2021 with a bold vision: to enable India’s journey towards a low carbon energy future. In this short span, we have ten global energy majors, that include those in hard to abate and hard to electrify sectors as well as those at the forefront of leveraging digital means for energy transition, collaborating with us. We are now participating heavily in two major alliances, one focused on energy storage and another on green fuels. We are actively partnering and advising government agencies on topics of national and international importance, and have represented the cause at the COP28 in Dubai. This has allowed us to drive collective action at scale and emboldens us to contribute more assertively in the net zero of India.

India, at the end of 2023, became 4th globally in Renewable Energy Installed Capacity, 4th in Wind Power capacity and 5th in Solar Power capacity. We recognize that the time has come to elevate our mission. We must transition from just enabling progress to actively accelerating the realization of a Net Zero future. Together with our partners in industry and government, we can ensure that Net Zero is not just an aspiration, but an imminent reality for India and the world.

Building on our vision, we are now in mission mode, Accelerating Net Zero at the Energy Consortium. This commitment is reflected in our new mission statement and our revised strategy of advancing research in clean energy sources, including offshore wind, green hydrogen, green fuels, and large scale industrial electrification, while intensifying our efforts in carbon capture, utilization and storage.

A key milestone in this endeavor is the recent addition of the Wind Energy Center for Research Excellence, which marks a significant step towards realizing our Accelerating Net Zero goals.

Why Accelerating Net Zero Matters​
The global transition to a net-zero carbon economy is not just an environmental imperative but also an economic opportunity. By leading the charge in clean energy innovation and carbon capture, we are paving the way for a sustainable future that benefits both our planet and future generations.
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Accelerating Net Zero: Energy Shorts
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Accelerating Net Zero: Energy Pilot
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