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The role of scientific computing in chemical engineering: developing clean energy technologies

Chemical Engineering has contributed significantly to shaping our lives for the past century. Developing a chemical process at the lab scale and taking it to ...
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Icon of a commercial airplane with the words 'zero emissions' and a lush forest in the background. Suitable for concepts as Zero emissions, SAF or Sustainable Aviation Fuel, Circular economy and netCO2 emissions.

Biofuels/Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFs) and Plasma-assisted Combustion Technology

In today’s world, there’s a pronounced emphasis on mitigating the carbon footprints and transitioning towards the sustainable energy sources. By 2022, aviation contributed 2% of ...
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A magnifying glass that shines on a sapling with a coin and a globe.  In business concepts that focus on the environment and long-term sustainability goals, etc.

Innovative funding models to boost climate finance

Climate change is here, and now. It can be seen in the rise of extreme weather changes across the world. In India, around 600 mn ...
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High Capacity Battery on Conveyor. Lithium-ion Cells for High-voltage Electric Vehicle Batteries Manufacturing Process. Battery Cells for Automotive Industry on Production Line.

Battery Giga Factories and their Critical Raw Materials Problem

The world is changing rapidly due to an electric vehicle (EV) revolution that is currently underway. This is no longer an urban phenomenon or something ...
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Close-up of black full inverter heat pump outside in the garden, near wooden pool house on a sunny day. Lens flare on the image.

Decarbonization of Industrial Process Heating using High-Temperature Heat Pumps

Decarbonization of Industrial Process Heating using High-Temperature Heat Pumps India’s heavy dependency on fossil fuels goes hand in hand with the nation’s substantial industrial demand ...
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Aerial view of solar panels on green field at suburb in sunny day

Balancing the energy transition journey by being aspirational yet pragmatic

The renewable growth in India has been, generally speaking, phenomenal. The target of reaching 500 GW by 2030 may look dauting but with the 2023 ...
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Scientist hold in hand small tile of new type efficient solar cell tile, solar technology research concept

Organic cyclic molecules offer promise for developing green, fast-charging, high-performance batteries

Organic macrocycles are cyclic molecules that have potential applications in energy storage. They generally offer high specific capacities, cost-effectiveness, environmental friendliness, and ready tunability of ...
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Aerial view of pipeline system of big chemical plant. Production of nitrogen fertilizers.

An efficient and economical approach for ammonia production via electrocatalytic nitrogen reduction reaction employing renewable energies

Nitrogen has a very important role on the earth for e.g., it is a major component of protein and nucleic acids. However, it is abundant ...
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Carbon sink. Supercritical carbon dioxide can flush out oil from depleting wells

  The best way to neutralise carbon dioxide emissions is to bury them underground, preferably in depleted oil and gas reservoirs. Since carbon dioxide also ...
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Islanding Detection – What, Why and How?

What is Islanding?   Islanding is a condition that occurs when a distributed energy resource (DER) such as a grid-tied inverter continues to supply power ...
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Material design and engineering of next-generation flow-battery technologies

Due to the growing world’s population, the current energy consumption is ~ 580 million terajoules per year, according to The World Count. About 83% of this ...
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Chemical industry plant with pipes and valves

The decarbonization journey starts with energy efficiency

India is the third largest consumer of energy in the world, and energy efficiency is an important part of the country’s strategy to meet its ...
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biogas production, biogas plant, bio power

A Voyage into the World of Reformers: From Methane to Magic in Creating a Better World

Societal reforming involves breaking and restructuring existing systems to create positive societal change. This reformation can happen through several routes, such as policy, education, economics ...
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Opinion pieces: Floating solar installations

With the announcement of cabinet approval for the National Hydrogen Mission the topmost outcome anticipated is the development of green-hydrogen production capacity of at least ...
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Photocatalytic CO2 reduction: A Sustainable Approach towards Carbon Zero Emission

Carbon dioxide is a colorless and odorless gas present in the atmosphere. It is also called a greenhouse gas produced by burning fossil fuels (natural ...
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Image by Bishnu Sarangi from Pixabay

Value addition to crop-residues through the thermo-chemical route

Crop-residues like coconut shells, sugarcane bagasse, paddy straw etc, are good alternate sources of heat-energy, carbon and hydrogen; alternative to fossil fuels like coal, crude ...
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Control of Microgrids

Microgrids are small-scale power systems that can operate independently or in parallel with the main grid. They are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability ...
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An Introduction to Microgrids: Benefits, Components, and Applications for a Sustainable Energy Future

Microgrids play a crucial role in the transition towards a low carbon future. By incorporating renewable energy sources, energy storage systems, and advanced control systems, ...
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Computational Chemistry - Area of Chemistry that Uses Computer Simulations to Assist in Solving Complex Chemical and Biochemical Problems - Conceptual Illustration

The Role of AI/ML in the Scale-up of Catalytic Reaction Systems

Catalysts are inevitable in the modern-day chemical industry. They are known to speed up any chemical reaction, ultimately demanding reduced equipment size and faster production ...
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CO2 storage in gas hydrate : A potential technology for carbon sequestration

It is a shocking fact that carbon emissions have been increasing from 5 GtC/year to 9.9 GtC/year in the period of the last 40 years. ...
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Energy Efficiency will enable MSME’s towards achieving net zero.

India is the third largest consumer of energy in the world, and energy efficiency is an important part of the country’s strategy to meet its ...
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Li-S battery: the next generation in power cells: Capable of quintupling EV range.

Many technologies, such as batteries, fuel cells, ultracapacitors, etc., have been developed for implementation in electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid vehicles. Among these technologies, lithium-ion ...
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Natural gas hydrate: Alternative and optimistic way to transport natural gas

Motivation: The world is shifting toward the gas-based fuel economy from the conventional liquid-based fuel economy to envision the carbon net zero economy model. The ...
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The imposing cooling towers of a power station near the village of Drax in North Yorkshire.  Plumes of water vapor leave a trail in the cold November night air.   Horizontal.  Space for copy.

An Energy Efficient Method for Carbon Dioxide Capture

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the principal greenhouse gas responsible for climate change. When fossil fuels are used to provide power and heat, significant ...
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Solid state batteries to reduce accidental fires in EVs

Metal-ion batteries, specifically, Li-ion batteries (LIB) are being realized as the next-generation battery technology due to their overwhelming advantages, including high energy density (270 Wh ...
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Progressing towards energy-efficient vanadium redox flow batteries

India is the third largest energy-consuming country in the world. With the government making huge advancements to provide electrification (according to the Renewable Energy Report ...
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Solar Water Splitting: A Viable Technique for Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, greater quantity in water. It is considered as a holy grail in the energy community. It ...
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Can Lead Acid Flow Battery be a Solution for India’s Renewable Energy Pivot?

Lead is very cheap and abundant; most importantly it is globally recycled about 99% In our daily life, we are totally depending upon power whether ...
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Carbon Dioxide Conversion diagram - electrochemical reduction of CO2 to methanol. Vector illustration

Methanol Economy- A Road that leads to the Hydrogen Economy.

Several advantages and challenges in using hydrogen as fuel were addressed in our previous article. There is no doubt in hydrogen’s ability to fill the ...
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High pressure wire tower at sunset at dusk

Going Grid-Independent and Green!

The world is so much used to high energy security with availability on demand. Almost all the energy requirement in this globe is centrally sourced ...
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Separation of Coal Mine Methane Gas mixture via sII and sH hydrate formation

[Picture credits: Aerial view of an open-cast coal mine Belchatow, Poland. Credit: Łukasz Szczepanski / Alamy Stock Photo]   Coal mine methane (CMM) also known ...
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Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 22-55-28 cover-photo_1-1-scaled.jpg (JPEG Image 2560 × 1652 pixels) — Scaled (44%)

H2, The Saviour?

Hydrogen was probably the first chemical we learned in our middle school chemistry lectures. It was taught as the smallest and simplest of elements. Its ...
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View of solar farm in sunlight with blue sky, dirty solar cell  array, green energy concept.

A better way of meeting the energy needs of remote communities

Power grids are expected to undergo significant change in operation as more non conventional sources of energy being integrated into it. While the broad goal ...
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Symbol for the chemical element zinc

Zinc-Air Battery: an Environment Benign Energy Storage System for Future EVs

An electric battery has become ubiquitous necessity in modern life with its presence in everything from toys to cell phones to electric bikes and cars. ...
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IIT Madras team use ML method to predict composition of biofuel produced

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras are using Artificial Intelligence tools to study the processes involved in the conversion of biomass to ...
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Rise of Steam Engines from Ashes

Energy is the backbone of economic development in every country. The rapid economic growth has strained energy production and distribution all over the world. In ...
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Carbon dioxide isn’t toxic! Listen to Nature!

We can learn many things by observing nature. She is the best teacher, so why not go back and ask her to hint about how ...
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