ECoGrif [Efficient Cost saving Grid Friendly] Power to X Converter (Focused on Hydrogen economy)


Lead Institute & PI: Prof. Krishna Vasudevan, IIT Madras, 


The project will demonstrate efficient cost saving and grid friendly power to X (PtX) converters on a commercial electrolyzer stack. The objectives of this program are:

  1. To provide low cost power electronic converter solutions for PtX applications suitable for the Indian market for MW rating while serving the global market in parallel
  2. Increased electrolysis efficiency, validating the 2% hydrogen efficiency increase
  3. Sustainable development goals/net zero benefit

The Work approach is to first assess the electrolyzer for its performance on non-ideal DC supplies. Literature available indicates that electrolyzers are affected by the DC power quality thereby impacting revenue generation. Then, through a combination of literature search and innovation develop a suitable power conversion system from AC/DC to power the electrolyzer for improving the total system efficiency. Suitable detailed simulation studies to estimate converter and system efficiencies would enable the selection of the right candidate topology which may see a mix of silicon and wide band gap devices. A lower power system to demonstrate the suitability and performance at voltage levels of 1000 V DC would be built in India, aimed at future stack voltages. This will be tested on a simulated load. A higher power system that can work with lower (presently available) voltages will be built at Denmark to test the operation with an electrolyzer stack.