Tomorrow project! (Towards Decarbonization of Cement Industry: Model-based Optimization of a Pyrolysis Technology for Flexible Use of Waste Fuels)


Lead Institute & PI:
Prof Varunkumar S. and Prof Himanshu Goyal, IIT Madras


The overall aim of this project is to support the further development and industrialization of a pyrolysis technology for increasing the use of biomass and waste derived fuels in cement production, thereby facilitating the phase out of fossil fuels and the decarbonization in cement industry. The specific objectives include:

  1. To achieve a good understanding of the hydrodynamics of the cement meal particles and fuel particles in the pyrolysis reactor, and to develop and validate a CFD model that can well-simulate the hydrodynamics with an acceptable computational cost.
  2. To gain knowledge on the pyrolysis of single alternative fuel particles under relevant process conditions, and to develop single particle models that predict the pyrolysis rate and product distribution.
  3. To develop and validate a reactive CFD model to simulate industrial scale pyrolysis reactor, and to optimize the design and operation of the pyrolysis reactor based on CFD modelling


The objectives will be achieved by an integration of the expertise of the project partners, including DTU Chemical Engineering (DTU-KT) on fluidized bed systems and thermochemical conversion of biomass and waste, FLSmidth Denmark (FLSD) and FLSmidth India (FLSI) on industrial high temperature processes, and India Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) on CFD modeling and combustion processes. The outcome of the project will make important contributions towards the industrialization of the pyrolysis technology as well as strengthen the globally leading position of FLSmidth as a technology supplier in the cement and mineral industry.